Many Thanks!!!!

I'm just thinking about all the people I've met on this wonderful, crazy, fun musical journey.  I would like to say "thank you" to all of you who have supported me throughout this dream.  Yes, I will call it a dream because I believe in dreams becoming reality. Through hard work, perseverance, commitment, positive thinking and just plain believing in yourself, you are able to reach it.  This album project has been YEARS in the making.  Each song on this project was inspired either by a personal experience or those from my "muses," aka my friends and family.  I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it for all of you.  Thank you for your encouragement.....  I'll NEVER GIVE UP!!!!  So THANK YOU.... maybe i'll post some of your names in another blog, but I just needed to get my head out of website design for a little bit.....  Until next time.... Maelan

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