Looking for Inspiration?

How many “no’s” does it take to give up?  My answer is not enough.  It is always an amazing feat when you can keep moving forward when things don’t seem to be going your way. My mantra that plays on repeat in my head is “NEVER GIVE UP!”  No matter what it is that I’m doing.  Some people can question you as to why’d you do this or why’d you do that, when it comes to your career.  My answer is usually along the lines of… “because that’s what I wanted to do and I love to do things that I am most passionate about.”  You could ask me what I am passionate about, and my reply will be MUSIC. Notice that I did not name any specific genre?  Well, if you did, my reason behind that is because I am a music maker, a fan, and a supporter of music no matter where it comes from or who makes it.  It is all about the essence of music.  


So with that said, don’t let others questions fill you with doubt, don’t let someone’s answer of “no” tell you it’s time to stop what you’re doing.  The main thing in life is happiness.  If you are happy with what you do, or what you’ve accomplished then please keep believing in yourself.  Dare to DAZZLE the world, be different, when you say that you are “unique,” be “unique.”  There is no better feeling than to know that you hold the keys to your destiny.  No one, and I mean no one, will believe in YOU more than YOU!!!  Take the wheel, step on the gas, keep going… refuel yourself with a stockpile of knowledge whether it’s from a book or a life lesson, ask questions, seek answers, make mistakes, make them loud, learn from them and move on AND if it was truly meant to be like you believe… than it will be. 

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